Uncommon Sense

"Uncommon Sense" giving Cedar Falls a closer look at life on the spectrum

Amanda Gilbert, KWWL News


CEDAR FALLS — Giving us a better understanding of our community. A play coming to the University of Northern Iowa, focuses on Autism. After years of writing, research and preparation, New York City's Tectonic Theater Project is bringing the show Uncommon Sense to Cedar Falls this weekend. The show is about what life is like for people living on the autism spectrum. The writers interviewed people in the Cedar Valley and all over the world. The play also shows the audience how big the autism spectrum is, explaining how people living on opposite ends of the spectrum can having different kinds of challenges. Actors tells KWWL this show is a reminder that even though autism is a diagnosis, behind that diagnosis is a person who has so much to offer. Shows are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at Gallagher Bluedorn. There's also a special dress rehearsal Friday night for the families who were interviewed for the play. If you would like to learn more about the play or buy your tickets, click here

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