Uncommon Sense

Thoughts from an actor

Jessica Almasy

I met Andy and Anushka over ten years ago working in theatre and was lucky to learn from them as friends and watching them as young parents. I helped take care of their first child, Sasha, and then Zoe, their second. As the mother of a three year old now, my gratitude for those satellite experiences only increases as I gain my own first hand experiences as I keep making my own definition of what a parent is, who a mother is, who I am - with, without, and because of - my son. 

I’ve watched drafts of this script evolve now over years and I find the struggles and triumphs, secrets and revelations, heartaches and strengths of the humans that populate this play deepening for me with each encounter. Working on the material is heightening my awareness of my own neurological makeup, both the subconscious and molecular forces at play as well as the possibilities to choose and to change myself, and then, most beautifully scientific and mystically, the way those two systems dance. 

With the time, tears, and tenderness Anushka, Andy, and all the people of their personal communities - and now research communities beyond - have invested there are many reasons, when invited into a play of this nature, to definitely say yes. But ultimately the reason I am here is for Sasha and Zoe, for having been moved by them and changed by them since they arrived on this planet…and because Andy and Anushka asked.