Uncommon Sense

August 2016

Roger Pollock August 10, 2016

As a mental health provider, working with children, I see so many of the real life stories presented in Uncommon Sense. This piece truly brings to life more than just a diagnosis on a piece of paper or a letter home from a school teacher; these are the lives of our truly exceptional and those who love them. 

Being part of this project was more than a moment to create art representing life. As I was reading the part of a young man, sharing his need for belonging -- pleading for acceptance -- while showing true compassionate love for those around him, I felt a small aspect of what my own clients aspire to share. We spend so much time finding strategies, practicing skills, building confidence to say the very words this character shared. It was then that it truly hit home that this isn't a character, this is more than a backstory... this is the narrative of a human's life, an exceptional person trying to share their personal narrative with those who cannot see nor feel their full experience.

For this opportunity, I am deeply honored and humbled. The importance of this brilliant piece is paramount; the impact, so great.