Uncommon Sense

Starting Conversation

Gallagher Bluedorn January 13, 2017

Just listened to a panel discussion with Andrew Duff from Tectonic Theater Project and UNI grad student Dakota Funk! Andrew shared how he got involved with Uncommon Sense before they talked about their experiences being on the spectrum. 

Gallagher Bluedorn January 12, 2017

Progress continues to be made on the set of Uncommon Sense. Everyone from Tectonic Theater Project has arrived and are elated this new work is nearly ready to be shared with you all!

Gallagher Bluedorn January 12, 2017

Another busy tech day for Uncommon Sense. The crew finished focusing lights and the rest of the crew from New York began arriving. Projection focus later tonight and into tomorrow. 

Gallagher Bluedorn January 12, 2017

      We're well into day two of Tectonic Theater Project's Uncommon Sense production week.                         Light focusing is up next. #UNIUncommonSense

Gallagher Bluedorn January 12, 2017

Production week is in full swing! The set for Uncommon Sense directed by Andy Paris of Tectonic Theater Project has arrived and was loaded in by the tech staff at Gallagher Bluedorn. The set is now warming up (slowly) on stage. We'll be posting updates as the week progresses!

Jeff Danielson December 24, 2016

Autism speaks softly, but does not carry a big stick. Perhaps that's the problem. Often overlooked in the many policy ideas under the umbrella of health care, autism is too often a lower priority when push comes to shove in the legislative agenda. Perhaps a bigger voice is needed, figuratively, a bigger stick if you will!

That's why I was happy to participate in community outreach meetings on behalf of the autism activists in the Cedar Valley.   I am excited to see the vision of Uncommon Sense come to fruition. By raising awareness of what IS in the autism world, we can begin to work on what OUGHT to be ... on behalf of persons with autism, their families and support network.

I look forward to celebrating the completion of Uncommon Sense, which will raise awareness and increase understanding, leading to action to improve the health care services for those on the autism spectrum.